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Tablet EX Gear

Drone Controller Mount Kit

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If you pilot a UAV (drone) to perform inspections, cinematography, emergency response or any other drone flights that require a focus on the live video feed, then you need the "Drone Controller Mount Kit".

The drone controller is conveniently located close to the body and is securely attached to the “super comfortable” Comox Harness - the same harness used with our chest packs. The mounting bracket and hinges are adjustable – you can set them to a position that is comfortable and ergonomic for you! 

We have a few Versions of the Drone Controller Mount Kit for a variety of controllers.  Don't see what you need?  Let us know what you need as we are working on accommodating other types of controllers.  Let us know if you have a specific requirement by clicking on "Contact Us" in the lower right-hand corner of this page.

The Comox Harness that comes with the Drone Controller Mount kit is MOLLE compatible – this means that you can attach additional pouches and holsters as needed. The Comox Harness is designed to be comfortable for an entire day of work in the field! It is made of mesh with closed-cell foam strips that ensure good airflow. In addition, the harness is designed to be comfortable when worn under a backpack. 

Superior Ergonomics:  Set the hinges to your preferred position for ergonomic use of the drone controller and monitor.

Increased Productivity: Keep your drone controller and other field equipment close at hand and use both hands freely during flights.

Super Comfortable: this is almost always what we hear from our customers. The mesh harness is well ventilated and highly adjustable.