I have been ridiculously happy with my vest!  I bought it last year as a present to myself for securing a 2021 contract.  Everything is well thought out and it is very comfy.  I am a petite lady, and hate cruiser vests because they are too big, awkward, and hurt my shoulders.  This is a great alternative!

Kristin Trenholm, Pentiction, British Columbia, Canada

Loving the pack!  It took me no time to get used to it and I'm really enjoying it.  I've also noticed that I have been having less problems with my neck and stiffness since I've gotten away from the heavy vest.  

Julie Micksch, Comox, British Columbia, Canada


The chest pack has worked out really well! I was very pleased with its performance in the field and I’m very glad that I bought one. The design keeps the sweat off my back far better than a cruiser vest and the fabric it’s made of is tough enough to handle being a part of a geologists toolkit. The adjustability if fantastic, and the ability to have modular add-ons is a huge plus. Thanks for making such a quality product, keep up the great work!

Jon Hey, Baffin Island, Canada