Text Messaging Without Cell Service?

Text Messaging Without Cell Service?


iPhone and MeshWhile working in the field without cell service I have often needed to communicate with colleagues that are working nearby. For the most we have relied on portable radios for this. These work well for brief discussions, provided there are few others in the area that are also using the same frequency. Sharing detailed information (such as your location) by voice communication can be a challenge. Cell phones work very well for this when cell service is available. A solution that does not require cell service would be ideal – goTenna has provided just such a solution.

By pairing your cell phone with a goTenna device you can send text messages via the built in two-way radio. It is also possible to send your location as well. These devices work in pairs, so your colleague will also have to have a goTenna paired with their cell phone.

Currently goTenna has a Kickstarter campaign that introduces a new device – the goTenna “Mesh”. These devices can relay messages through other “Mesh” devices in the area to greatly extend the communication range. It also allows users to communicate with groups of users in the area.

By supporting the Kickstarter campaign it is possible to get a pair of goTenna “Mesh” devices for US$149. You can learn more about these devices and the Kickstarter campaign by visiting the goTenna website.