Bill Lougheed

Bill Lougheed

Times Change, it seems not so long ago that my cruising vest was an integral part of my gear to help me with my fieldwork. Now that I have jumped into the high tech world and using my I-pad in my daily work, my new chest pack has become an indispensable part of my field gear. Comfortable and well made it makes my fieldwork easier and actually safer.

Laura Gilbert

The Tablet-EX-Gear chest pack is now an integral part of my field gear. All of my work essentials can be safely stored and easily accessed in the compact, comfortable chest pack. Before I had this chest pack, I wore a field vest, which was heavy, bulky, and my gadgets and tools were not very secure or accessible. Now that we use the iPad for fieldwork, it has made my field vest that much more unacceptable. The iPad slips out of […]

Chelsey Toth

This chest pack has changed the way I survey. I am able to carry all of my field equipment, most importantly my iPad, securely on my chest leaving my arms free to do my work. I used to have my iPad in my cruiser vest where it would bounce around, hit my side and be an awkward nuisance. This pack is durable, functional, and everything I need for work in the field.

Darrin Pagnac

I used in the field about two weeks ago. It worked fantastic! It was easier on my lower back than any kind of pack, was light yet stable, and everything was within my immediate reach. Normally when I’m moving around in the field I’ll drop my pack at a given point and move around a small area, come pick the pack up and move on. In this case I never took it off. Didn’t limit my movement a bit. I’ve […]

Jon Hey

The chest packs worked out really well. I was very pleased with its performance in the field and I’m very glad that I bought one. The replacement buckle worked perfectly and was a nice, easy fix. My one recommendation for the back would be to chance the reflective material. The material that you’ve used gets very brittle when the temperature drops (it was still above freezing), and starts to chip and disintegrate. I would recommend a more pliable and cold […]

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