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Tablet EX Gear

Ruxton Pack - Black

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The Ruxton Pack is designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic support for field users of tablet computers. Keeps your tablet and other field gear quickly accessible!

Improved Safety: Keep your hands free when navigating difficult terrain!

Superior Ergonomics:  Fold the pack down, slide the tablet away from your body to place the tablet in the optimal position for viewing and data entry.

Increased Productivity: keep your tablet and other field equipment close at hand and use both hands to perform data entry.

Super Comfortable: this is almost always what we hear from our customers. The mesh harness is well ventilated and highly adjustable. Comfortable even when worn under a backpack!

The Ruxton Pack – Fold down the front for “HandsFree” use of your tablet. Available in 3 Sizes to fit almost any tablet computer.

The tablet is securely attached to the pack by a quick release attached to the back of the tablet with a self-adhesive hook and loop. 

All three sizes of the Ruxton pack come attached to the comfortable "one size fits all" Comox harness.

Attach additional pouches and holsters to this MOLLE compatible harness. The Comox harness is designed to be comfortable for an entire day of work in the field. It is made from mesh with closed-cell foam strips that ensure good airflow. In addition, the harness is designed to be comfortable when worn under a backpack.