The New Ruxton Pack

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Tablet Computer Chest Packs

Ergonomic, Comfortable and Hands Free

The Ruxton Pack is designed to provide a comfortable
and ergonomic support for 10 inch and smaller tablet computers.

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14 days full refund policy


Improved Safety

Why choose Ruxton Pack


Quick Release


Why Choose New Ruxton Chest Pack

  • 14 days full refund policy
  • Durable
  • Hands Free
  • Secure
  • Quick Release
  • Comfortable


  • Better Productivity
  • Ease Of Use
  • Carry Computer Tablet Hands Free
  • Work Safer
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This product is available from July 2017 on-wards

The Ruxton Pack is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic support for 10 inch and smaller tablet computers. The tablet is conveniently located in the zippered pouch closest to the body. It is securely attached to the pack by a quick release attached to the back of the tablet with self-adhesive hook and loop.  The tablet is stored and transported with the zippered pouch closed.  Unzip the pouch, fold down the pack, side the tablet away from your body to place the tabet in the optimal position for viewing and data entry.

The Ruxton pack comes attached to the Comox harness.  All components are black.  However, the front cover can be removed and replaced with a high visibility colour.  In addition, front covers can be purchased with pockets.

The Ruxton Pack comes attached to our Comox chest harness.  Attach additional pouches and holsters to this MOLLE compatible harness.

The harness is designed to be comfortable for an entire day of work in the field. It is made from mesh with closed cell foam strips that ensure good air flow.

SKU: TEG0117Rux+Cmx-M-Blk

Category: Comox Compatible

Technical Specs.

  • Is designed to carry up to a 10” tablet computer safely while keeping it easily accessible.
  • Folds down to facilitate ergonomic and efficient data entry in both portrait and landscape
  • Secures the tablet using the Fidlock® Snap fastener system, “which combines the convenience of a magnetic fastener with the stability of a mechanical snap fastener.”
  • The main pouch will hold a tablet computer up to 9-1/2” wide x 11-1/4” high x 1-3/4” thick (24 x 29 x 4.5cm).
  • High density closed cell foam protects the tablet when zipped inside the pack.
  • Customize both function and appearance by purchasing additional front covers – with or without pockets.
  • The MOLLE system (MOdular Lightweight Load -carrying Equipment) is used to secure the chest pack on the Comox Harness. Additional compatible holsters, pouches and bags may be attached using this system.
  • The Comox Harness and Ruxton Chest Pack combination will fit individuals between 5’ 1” and 6’ 5” tall with a mid-section between 26” (66cm) and 50” (127cm) (circumference at your belly button).  It will fit larger sizes with the purchase of our Long Webbing Belt (up to 65” (165cm) mid-section).



This chest pack has changed the way I survey. I am able to carry all of my field equipment, most importantly my iPad, securely on my chest leaving my arms free to do my work. I used to have my iPad in my cruiser vest where it would bounce around, hit my side and be an awkward nuisance. This pack is durable, functional, and everything I need for work in the field”

– Chelsey Toth

I used my Tablet EX Gear Chest Pack in the field about two weeks. It worked fantastic!  It was easier on my lower back than any kind of pack, was light yet stable, and everything was within my immediate reach. Normally when I’m moving around in the field I’ll drop my pack at a given point and move around a small area, come pick the pack up and move on. In this case I never took it off. Didn’t limit my movement a bit”

– Darrin Pagnac Ph.D

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